About us

Incosmetics JSC is a leading trading company on the Bulgarian market in the distribution of fast-moving goods.

Following our ongoing work and relationships with foreign and Bulgarian partners, we are working to increase the market share of distributed products and expand our product portfolio. We are a trusted partner of the companies whose brands we distribute and share their passion in our work by presenting them in the best possible way. We are their honest, open and profitable partner on the Bulgarian market!

Incosmetics JSC is an official distributor of Rauch, The Bakers, Swisslion, Arcor, Vitalia, Bianchi, Energizer, L'angelica, Super-Max, Taky, Cotton Sound, Soft Flower, Hi Lips, Argan & Rose, Afrodita!

You can find the products we are distributing on the shelves of all large retail chains such as METRO, Kaufland, Fantastico, Billa, TMarket, DM as well as in much smaller retail outlets.

We know how important it is to be accurate and correct. Our trading team makes regular visits to our clients and we are proud of the good relationships we have built with them. We cover all areas of Bulgaria and reach any small, medium or large commercial site.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Incosmetics JSC distributes brands with a long history and uncompromising quality;
  • We are experienced in working with multinational companies;
  • Incosmetics JSC is an asset-backed company – vehicle fleet, buildings, mobile software, etc.;
  • Due to its well-selected portfolio, our company and its products are present in all retail chains in Bulgaria;
  • The company has a well-developed and strictly organized distribution network covering the entire territory of Bulgaria;
  • Excellent management and highly qualified staff
  • Dynamic growth.

We are always trying to be the best at our activity!

Become a part of our family and let us build our business together!