last generation toilet paper

Market research results show that, according to consumers, the ideal toilet paper is soft, multi-layered, well-perforated and at the same time healthy and pleasant. The market share of colored and fragranced paper has increased, as has the use of a higher quality - three-layers, 100% cellulose - for higher softness.

The trend is, following the development of the European market, that the percentage of pulp paper should grow at the expense of the recycled paper.

That is why Incosmetics JSC, following the latest market trends, creates the latest generation of Relax toilet paper with qualities and softness at the highest level. It is produced in Italy - in Cartindustria Veneta, where the skills of 120 employees to work with pulp is the best guarantee for the demanding foreign market. The fragranced toilet paper is available in 3 colors and the fragrances - Jasmine, Freresia and Margarita. The toilet paper is dermatologically tested. Made of 100% three-layer cellulose.

The main advantages of Relax toilet paper are the length and weight of the roll. Massively, the market rolls are about 20, 21 meters, while the Relax one is 38 meters. One packet of toilet paper weighs 800g, which saves space and at the same time prolongs its use.

Incosmetics JSC is a founder and main distributor of toilet paper Relax for Bulgaria.