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Ventoni Cosmetics was established in 1995 in the town of Rudozem. From the beginning, the company has been focusing on the production and marketing of its own brand of cosmetic products. Ventoni Cosmetics is a manufacturer of the brands Aphrodite, Bionda, Argan & Rose, Nefertiti and the ARGO NEO series.

The products of Ventoni Cosmetics have been successful in Bulgaria and in more than ten countries around the world!

Ventoni's new cosmetic series is a concentrated expression of the latest achievements in the field of cosmetic science, plant richness and the best Bulgarian cosmetic ingredients - rose water and oil. Innovative, effective and useful for skin and hair, products have found the latest technological and eco-friendly components of the leading French, German and American companies - Seder, BASF, Seppic, Kelco, CODIF. The focus is not only on the active ingredients. Attention is focused on the overall content of the product. The goal is to come into a world of new sensitivity - a gentle, fine, silky feeling combined with a visible, lasting effect. All this is achieved with nature-friendly technologies.

The main ingredients in the series are rose water, rose oil, argan oil, sea polysaccharide Pheohydrane, and Juvinity ™, which slows cell aging of the skin, visibly diminishes wrinkles, scratches the cell's life cycle, restructures the skin of the face, neck and decolletage.

Incosmetics JSC is an official distributor of Argan&Rose series for Bulgaria.

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