natural plant extracts

Ventoni Cosmetics was established in 1995 in the town of Rudozem. From the beginning, the company has been focusing on the production and marketing of its own brand of cosmetic products. Ventoni Cosmetics is a manufacturer of the brands Aphrodite, Bionda, Argan & Rose, Nefertiti and the ARGO NEO series.

The products of Ventoni Cosmetics have been successful in Bulgaria and in more than ten countries around the world!

The product range of Aphrodite is focused on facial and body care products and hair care. The products are enriched with natural plant extracts and biologically active supplements that help maintain the physiological balance of the skin and at the same time provide a soothing and anti-stress effect. Cosmetic Aphrodite has a gentle and fresh scent, a beneficial and refreshing effect on the skin, creating a good mood throughout the day.

Incosmetics JSC is an official distributor of Ventoni Cosmetics products for Bulgaria.